J F Polo Academy

The Chilean Experience

J F Polo Holidays was first set up to give our clients an incredible experience of polo whilst getting the opportunity to indulge in the local culture & cuisine. Chile is known for is breath-taking remote lands through the Andes, which you can experience first-hand by trekking and camping as far as the glaciers. 

During these treks, you will come across wild horses, natural water-falls, hidden lagoons, volcanic hot pools and condors elegantly gliding above. 

Holiday Package 

This holiday package includes airport transfers, vineyard tours, chauffeur service throughout your stay, trekking in to the mountains, stunning accommodation with a pool and of course,  polo lessons & chukkas on a daily basis. 

Experience a variety of local cuisines; such as open-fire asados, clay-fired pizzas not only in local restaurants but also in-house. Shopping trips to local malls can be organised, join us for amazing fun nights out in the local town and even surfing lessons during beach days, just to mention a few of the activities on offer.

 Costs vary as all packages are designed around the individual clients 
Prices start from £2500pw


Stick & ball sessions and chukkas are held most mornings with James Fielding (International Polo Player, HPA Polo Instructor and owner of J F Polo Academy). After enjoying playing or observing the morning polo you can be taken to local wineries, beaches and other areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

One of our favourite activities in Chile is trekking on horseback up into the Andes mountain range; revealing hidden lagoons, waterfalls, thermal pools, glaciers, all whilst enjoying the most beautiful views in the world. Camping overnight under the stars is one option.. with an asado mid-mountain with your guide and our staff.  Another option is that you can just go up and down for the day, if preferred.

A trip to the surf capital of the world, Pichilemu, located on the West Cost, is normally included in our packages. It is here we stay in an amazing house overlooking the sea and get down to the beach to relax, enjoy the views or even have some surfing lessons with the local instructors.

There is an abundance of wineries in the area our house is located (in Machali, near Rancagua). There is the option of going on tours around the vineyards, wine-tasting and also a superb choice of restaurants to go and endulge in.

We are closely connected to the surrounding families involved in polo, meaning you have the option to join us at local polo events and socials gatherings. Chilean polo is very sociable and an incredible amount of fun - normally around a fire with lots of food and drink of offer!